Black Metal, Volume 1

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Black Metal, When Metal Went Black is the first volume of a series of five books devoted to black metal written by Pierre Avril, the Scribe of Rock . Each volume is fully illustrated by a leading artist of the extreme scene and it is Maxime Taccardi who contributes with more than 40 drawings, for this first volume.

This first book explores the genesis of black metal with essential bands that made this scene (Mayhem, Burzum, Sarcófago, Conqueror, VON…) and some artists come to bring their vision and experience of this impious music: Ryan Förster from Blasphemy , Dayal Patterson , author and editor at Cult Never Dies, Ash of Nargaroth , Cultus Sanguine …). A total of 210 pages of pure black metal. This introduction paves the way for four other books that will focus on very specific scenes and each volume will also be illustrated by an essential artist.