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360 pages and 16 color photo pages, 14cm x 21.5cm.
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Written by David Vincent and Joel McIver.

I didn't want to write a classic autobiography. You know what kind of book I'm talking about, where a
rock musician becomes famous, falls out of favor (ha!) and goes up the slope after a kind of redemption. I also knew a little about that, but I tend to think that there is more to say about my experience on this planet than this story sewn with white threads.
A lot of these stories seem to revolve around drugs, addictions, rehab, relapse, but I never did. The challenges I faced were no less complicated than anyone else's, they just presented themselves in a different light. In this book, I talk about what I have
learned, which is a lot, but never enough.

Book prefaced by Dr. Matt Taylor, astrophysicist, scientist for the Rosetta mission of the European Space Agency.