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Lisieux - Abide Collector's Edition

Lisieux - Abide Collector's Edition

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The Collector's Edition LP comes on limited transparent orange with black marble vinyl and is housed in a reverse-board heavy jacket with reverse-board printed discobag. It also features a silkscreened slipcase and an artprint crafted by Emgalaï.

Limited to 50 handnumbered copies and exclusive to Frozen Records shop.

Toulouse, France's LISIEUX plays an unique brand of electronic dark folk - contemplative and haunting, drawing its roots from the ethereal and proto-goth scenes of the 80's (Dead Can Dance, Death In June, Cocteau Twins…) and nourished by both liturgical & medieval imaginaries.

Duo then four-piece, the band's approach evolved since their 2014 beginnings, with amplified acoustic compositions interplaying with synth-arranged ambient / drone pieces. Cindy's distinctive vocals remaining the guiding thread, weaving a dense web between religious chants, dream pop and neo-medieval aesthetics.

After a first album ("Psalms Of Dereliction") released by Steelwork Maschine in 2019, their second full-length "Abide!" marks the band's debut collaboration with Throatruiner Records, mastered by Michael Lawrence (Current 93, Ulver, Nature And Organization…).

Track Listing:
1. Revolution
2. Black Lilies
3. Flood
4. Herb Harp
5. Abide!
6. The Wake
7. Iron Song
8. Upper Belfry
9. Inner Hero

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