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Violent Instinct by Saad Jones

Violent Instinct by Saad Jones

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Violent Instinct is the first part of a trilogy rooted in the metal universe, from the golden pen of S(a)ad Jones. HM, a dazzlingly successful death metal band, is led by the ambitious Zafer and his brother Karam. Tilio, the singer, is in search of meaning and it is during a concert in a distant country that everything changes for the better as for the worse...

Violent Instinct is a hymn to life, tolerance and metal, this music that brings together women and men from all walks of life.

"In short, all the elements are there for the reader to have a good time reading Violent Instinct . The tension and suspense never let up. Or when this is the case, Saad Jones punctuates the novel with musical articles to air his story, from the live-report full of spelling mistakes and enriched with superlatives published on to the more professional chronicles of the webzine BlaCKronics. A fluid and pleasant pen, more raw scenes, and a lot of humor and derision as is the case when the villainous Zafer of HM, claims that he would like the energy of his concerts to reflect of a fire. What more ? »

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