Gravekvlt - Gravekvlt CD

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Gravekvlt - Gravekvlt 

CD, 2nd press on reverse cardboard


Media Condition: Mint (M)

Sleeve Condition: Mint (M)


- 3 Panel Digipack

- Limited to 100 copies


Tracklist :

1 - Welcome To...

2 - The Grave Cult 

3 - Wake To Slaughter

4 - The Queen

5 - Ghoul's Whispers 

6 - Obskvre

7 - Flesh, Blood And Guts

8 - Torches Ablaze (Bloody Maze)

9 - Goat'n'Roll

10- Ovtro


 Written during the summer of 2021, Gravekvlt’s first record is a tribute to the 80’s extreme Metal, cheap horror movies, all wrapped in a definitely Rock’n’Roll spirit. Between Speed, Heavy and Black Metal, the album has a feeling of urgency. With less than half an hour, nothing is too long, everything is a hook and strays in your head.

    “This album is a true Black’n’Roll gem, drenched in chorus and spooky dark-ride vibes. We were astonished by the writing quality of this first record, the riffs are memorable and the choruses are real sing-alongs. The pace of the album is great. Once it’s finished, you only need one thing : put that thing on again !’
- Frozen Records