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Written by Pierre Avril, the Rock Scribe and richly illustrated by Sanda Von Kowen .

One year after the publication of his first volume dedicated to black metal, Pierre Avril, alias le Scribe du Rock, is back in force with a 380-page book dedicated to the French black metal scene. His first book serving as an introduction to a genre of extreme music born in the mid-80s and which conquered the world in the early 90s, here he is going to get to the heart of the matter with a book entirely devoted to France . Because yes, we talk a lot about Norway and Northern Europe, a little about North America too, but France has always held a good place in the ears of black metal fans.

After a presentation of the emergence of this scene, Pierre Avril presents a series of interviews with many actors of French black metal: Meyhnach, Gorgon, Noktu, Blessed in Sin, Imperial, Vindsval, Romaric Sangars, Frédark, Seth, Sandragon, Sad, Rose Hreidmarr, Stefan Bayle, Adrien Weber, Napharion, Christ Off, Dunkel, Shaxul, Kainsmal, Jasper Ruijenbeek, Morguiliath, Maxime Taccardi, Malhkebre, Aksaya and Loupobuli.

As the first volume was illustrated by Maxime Taccardi, this one is imbued with the style of Von Kowen who interpreted in his own way the Gothic classics of Gustave Doré.