Wolves Among Men, the Official Moonspell Story

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Wolves Among Men, the Official Moonspell Story will soon be available in French! The most famous Portuguese group, author of an impressive discography and memorable tours, sees its history translated into French! The book is written by the author Ricardo S. Amorim, and it looks back on the whole career of the group, the childhood of its members, their beginnings with Morbid God and their difficulties to make a place in the Lusitanian scene to their long cooperation with Century Media, their tours with the greatest... Without restraint, the current and former members deliver here an incredible story, full of anecdotes, moments of ecstasy and periods of deep doubts... beyond the biography of a unique group, it is also the story of young men who believed in their music and who never let things get easy.

Book prefaced by Dani Filth from Cradle of Filth and foreword by Cédric Sire, author of numerous thrillers and co-author of Hellfest, the Festival Told by the Groups .