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184 pages, 24 cm x 32 cm, alternative hardback cover.
Collector's edition including 1 A4 screen print from the TAROT series by Amgalai Grafik .
Written by Raphaël Verguin , works by Jeff Grimal .

If you don't know the name of Jeff Grimal, you will certainly recognize his paintings, his album covers and his unique work on paint. Between his energetic brushstrokes (CITADEL, ABSTRACT), the abundance of colors (NATURE) and the delicacy of his marker drawings (NOIR & BLANC, TAROT), the artist deploys a unique visual universe full of emotions.

From the pen of Raphaël Verguin ( Spectrale , Psygnosis , Rïcïnn …) and prefaced by Gérald Minali ( Les acteurs de l'ombre ), this book offers an overview of the major themes that run through the work and life of Jeff Grimal.

Take your time, let yourself go in these paintings teeming with details and colors and let yourself be caught up in their myths...