Red Roots by Saad Jones

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Red Roots is the second part of a series anchored in the metal universe, released by the golden pen of S(a)ad Jones. Following Violent Instinct , Red Roots plunges into black metal, between Norway and Madagascar.

Fourth cover :

Lia is a little girl with a strong character. Daughter of Mama Sodade, cook for a couple of Norwegian diplomats living in the highlands of the island of Madagascar, Lia loves freedom, observing the sky, listening to the forest and bathing in the Indian Ocean while thinking of her father. that she never knew.
Thanks to Max, her mentor, Lia discovered a passion for the guitar and, in a Malagasy society steeped in traditions and ancestor worship, she chose Black Metal as her ultimate refuge and starting point in her discovery of the world and its dangers, in search of its roots…