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Malsoiiiir is Sakrifiss… from Thrashocore! I hope it's going… not too well! " Oh dear ! Usually it does not break our ears on the Internet that one? you moan in a low voice! Rahahahahaha. Well I land in a book to complete my visions of black metal. You will find some chronicles there, but also reflections on what surrounds the style. I'm going to talk to you about grandpa Satan, granny Nature, daddy crow, mummy winter and everything that makes up the BM family and that inspired me. Hop, put your jeans on your head and start reading!

Sakrifiss describes in his own way the main currents of black metal, starting with trve black metal, symphonic black, atmospheric black, depressive... It is not a question here of expressing an absolute truth about this music in full explosion for a decade but really to see this music through the holes in the jeans of the slightly disturbing columnist and videographer that is Sakrifiss.

Cover and back cover by David Thiérrée.